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Kapre Enterprises was founded in 2009 and has since been working with several hundred clients, building customer bases running into the thousands in various areas across the United Kingdom.

Kapre Enterprises started from the bottom and through small but steady steps, grew to be the success it is today! With experience in traditional window cleaning and the water fed pole, both in commercial and residential properties, we cover all types of cleaning contracts. Whether it is domestic or industrial, internal or external, we’ll have the right solution to match all your needs.

Understanding the challenges from personal experience, we extend our services to help small businesses kick off and start their own journey of success. Helping companies to grow bigger and better is our driving force! One thing we’re particularly proud of at Kapre Enterprises is that we regularly assist people in building a new company from the ground level. We have been able to secure a strong foundation within their growth and work towards building long and steady relationships with our clients. As we are specialists in this particular niche, we can give a unique and unrivaled insight into the industry. We always prefer to work closely with clients to achieve great results together.

Being familiar with the logistics of larger companies enables us to create business plans and determine the long term goals adapted to suit their needs, in turn generating further income. Similarly we completely understand the financial constraints for a small business and setting steps for the first time, you can invest very little and receive big returns! With Kapre Enterprises you are able to visibly notice a return on your investments, instantaneously- making end goals even more easily achievable.

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