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Start a Window Cleaning Business

window cleaner vanIf you are thinking of starting a window cleaning business you need to consider multiple things the first thing being your customer base – how are you going to generate them? Canvassing is undoubtably the best form of building a domestic window cleaning round, for the simple reason you get the work where you want, when you want, at the prices you want each job.

This doesn’t come easy – canvassing takes balls of steel (excuse the expression!), rejection after rejection is extremely difficult especially if the weather is bad. Even worse if you have been working long hours and don’t have any customers on board yet. However in this industry persistence is key; you need to set your time from when you start and stop, no matter your circumstances, you give 100% effort.

As canvassers in the window cleaning industry we are more than happy to help. We work all of the all over the country so we have a general idea of what pricing structure each city across the country charges, and can produce a relevant round to the area in which you live.

There are a lot of companies out there that sell branded overpriced equipment. In most cases you just need pure water and you can do this without a brand.If you are starting out and want to keep your cost down a simple kit would most definitely do the job. We work very closely with manufacturers to get the best priced equipment and only the relevant equipment to clean. We don’t up sell you unnecessary products but we have them available if you desire.A van is an absolute must if you are looking to clean windows with the water fed pole system working out of a  car is not ideal as there is not enough space to maneuver. We work very closely with van dealers and can supply vans on finance or we can supply a fully equipped Van bought outright which ever fits your financial circumstances.


Branding is extremely important and sometimes window cleaners go without at the end of the day window cleaning is a personal service people like to know who is cleaning the windows and who is coming onto their property if they see a brand they recognise who you are even if the cleaners are different customers and doubtedly are more comfortable branding doesn’t need to be expensive a simple logo can be designed for you alongside with the vinyls jumpers jackets any waterproofs you may need and your marketing material flyers and cards.

There are some simple things you need to put in place to help you manage your window cleaning business a lot easier and a lot quicker

Old-fashioned books are out of the window there are multiple softwares that are now available to window cleaners and we highly recommend

Customer Payments
payments collecting cash is has always been a downfall in window cleaning for the simple reason you’re just never going to catch everyone in the amount of time that is spent going to see customers would be better invested in actually cleaning windows most customers and now happy with modern day payments BACS transfers standing orders direct debit and cheques

Case Study – Pro Clean, Andrew Stead

pro cleanWe have been approached by young individual Andrew Stead looking to invest into a new business. having discussed many factors of the window cleaning he has realized the endless potential of growth. Andrew decided to persist in his entrepreneurial lifestyle and bought a successfully running established window cleaning business from ourselves. To make sure he was running immediately and successfully we kept in touch constantly overcoming any barriers he came across also giving him as much inside information from our experience to eliminate as many mistakes as possible.

Many window cleaners have a hands on approach, Andrew Stead has taken a back seat as an investor and managed his company instead. Immediately after only one month of running he has come from strength to strength and has picked up multiple new customers, offering additional services and hiring extra staff.

pro cleanTo make sure this transition has been successful we contributed in many aspects.

  • Speaking to the customers to make sure they understood the change over
  • Organized his worksheets and software
  • Set up direct debits with the customers
  • Prepared him for what was to expect
  • Clothing
  • Branding
  • Van set up
  • Equipment
  • Business plans and future prospects
  • Marketing
  • …and much more!

 Kapre Enterprises we take all business seriously as we understand that we are building peoples’ lifestyles and not just a Window Cleaning Business.

Andrew Stead


Case Study – Bradford Window Cleaner, Mohamed Tayab

bwc in actionAfter working with numerous window cleaners across the country, our brand and reputation has built up impressively. In this case Lee and partner Bryan who had started several years ago using our company as the foundations for their window cleaning business they managed to get quite a large round and successfully sold on the business and went on to pursue their preferred careers.

bwc was highly recommended in this circumstance. The individual from Bradford as a previous successful businesses owner was looking for the next challenge and noticed his brother in laws success. at the same time he had been made redundant from his previous job so was in need of guarantee work to uphold his mortgage and family of 4.

We have worked very closely with Mohamed to find out exactly what income here’s looking for what finances he has available and what products we can offer him to fit his circumstances. Mohamed also wanted a brand building so we helped design his business logo with the van vinyl clothing and any literature cards marketing material you could possibly think of although Mohamed’s family had come from a window cleaning background Mohamed himself wasn’t very familiar with the equipment set-up so we have sourced a van with all the equipment ready to go within a short space of time.

Mohamed first came across a few hiccups but this being part of his leaning curve then in just  his first week alone the customer base excelled. Commercial jobs friends family was added to his customer base and he has produced new customers off his own back.

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