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I have worked alongside Kapre Enterprises for a long time now and we have formed a good relationship for the simple fact that we help line each other’s pockets!

I don’t know any other company that can produce the amount of work he can produce in such a short space of time, obviously you get cancels! But he always replaces the work that you have paid for as long as its a genuine cancel.

He explains everything that happens before you go ahead so you understand how it works before you buy.

He helped me get a new van a wfp system and still this day advises and helps me with getting new work. He will occassionaly send me over new customers from when he has canvassed in the areas.

– Kane, Kapre Enterprises Client

I have used kapre enterprises before and they are far better than any canvassers I have had in the past they price the houses extremely well ensuring you have a good cleaning rate they canvass in the evening to ensure they get the working class people we work together and discuss the best areas to work in to avoid bad customers. Kapre Enterprises can get people to agree for a monthly service. i have been knocking with him and his employees and he explains everything VERY well sometimes people and very professional I have now been using them for 2 years and have recommended them to plenty of friends.

– Ako (Scunthorpe), Kapre Enterprises Client

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  1. david powell says:

    A massive thank you to Mr Kapre and his team, we’ve used canvassing companies n the past with not much success so naturally was a bit sceptical at first, especially with the target we had set them and the location not exactly being the biggest of towns but hats off to them they certainly delivered.
    After the initial consultation over the phone I was left confident and content we was in good hands due to the extent of knowledge Kapre enterprises had in the window cleaning industry and even gave us some free advice on some new software we now use and have implemented into our own business. After the deposit was paid and the date set all that was left to do was provide some maps of the areas we did and didn’t want canvassed. The day Kapre and his team arrived they was straight to it and even bumped into one of us on a job and messaged the office with a picture of them both shaking hands in front of one of our vans which I thought was a nice touch and all part of their customer service is which is second to none may I add.
    The following day we met the team at the hotel they was staying at for a full English and round of golf courtesy of Kapre Enterprise to discuss business and how best to tackle the work they had already picked up. Now anyone who has ever canvassed before knows the mammoth task they accomplished for us, the way in which they work is clinical, like a military operation, professional and organised right down to their sales pitch and smart phone system to record and track each and every job, everything is honed to perfection and not only did they hit target they exceeded it, they cracked on and smiled through the rain n storms, I know this coz they actually knocked my door without realising, was truly inspirational.
    Included in the final package not only was the work all laid out in address order complete with details and notes of each individual job with a number coded map to each one but 15% extra free of charge to cover any drop outs on top of the extra work they had already got us for hitting target half a day early.
    The only company we would recommend and the only company we would ever use to canvass for us.
    Thank you Kapre, has been a pleasure doing business with you, see you again in a few months

  2. Lee loco says:

    Kapre Enterprises
    Would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for an excellent service provided.
    From start to finish you have been very professional In the way you have conducted yourself and have met my needs in what I required.
    From our initial phone conversation to our first meet I was a little skeptical about using your method of service, but you answered all my questions and put my mind at ease about the way you run you business and employee’s.
    From the work you and your team canvassed i feel very happy, i have met every customer and am more than happy with them. Your pricing structures for each property was spot on and have no problems with any aspect of the round. I feel this round actually exceeded my expectations.
    Even with the after care provided by your team in particular Ms Nazeera who has kept In regular contact and continues to pass me work now. She has also help with communication between myself and the customer and I feel she is a vital asset to your company.
    Would like to thank everybody at Kapre enterprise for a job well done and look forward to working with you again in the future
    Kind regards
    Lee Loco Director
    Xtra Clean Services
    +44 7481 959555

  3. Greg says:

    1st timer user with Kapre, and after bad experiences with canvassers in the past…I could not be more happy with the service by him and his whole team.

    Good communication throughout from beginning to end. The pricing was good, the work was compact and the customers were made clearly aware of the service I would provide for them.

    Will be using Kapre again!!!

  4. I used Kapre Enterprises in Septmeber 2015 to help me to expand my round.

    At the time my work was quite spread out as it hadn’t been established for very long and I was finding it quite uneconomical to get around everyone so I decided to give Kapre a call following a recommendation on a window cleaning forum.

    The work was planned for later in the month and was carried out by Kapre and his team with great success. I now have several rounds which are compact and of a good monetary value which has not only pushed my average job price up but because they are closer together I can get more jobs in a day and spend less on fuel.

    I would definately recommend Kapre and his team to anyone who needs a reliable, professional canvassing company.

  5. Andrew Stead says:

    I bought an established round from Kapre Enterprises at the beginning of November. Included in the price was the complete set-up, RO system, van, equipment, water fed poles ect, Kapre himself came to my base to guide me through the set-up and gave me some great advice on how to use everything efficiently having little to no knowledge on the products having come from a completely different industry.

    Kapre helped me with all aspects of the business whilst starting up and still regularly sends me over new customers in the areas i work. The advice i have received throughout the takeover and to this day has been crucial to the growth of my business, something i am very thankful for as the advice was a successful result of how to generate new customers!

    All the work is very well priced and the customers are all good payers and as promised there is no collecting whatsoever.

    All around quality service and would highly recommend.

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