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waterfed pole
tickWaterfed / Traditional Rounds 

Each to their own – every company uses the method that suits them best. Water fed or traditional; it’s not a problem for us – all you need to do is tell us what you intend on using and we will inform the customers on how you will be cleaning the windows. If the customers are informed it will be traditional we will also tell them we might not be able to access all the windows, then on the other hand we will mention the positives. Likewise with the water fed pole, we will inform them the first clean might have the odd speckle left on the window  but will let them know that we can access all the hard to reach areas like the top of the conservatory.

We have found as long as the customers actually know what will happen, they wont feel like they have been sold a bad service so the more information you give us to how you run your company, the happier everyone is.

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